Whiskey and the Gospel

I love the taste of eggnog. Every year at Christmas time I usually treat myself to a cup of eggnog or two. I am a purist in the sense I like my eggnog straight up with nothing added. Yesterday morning as the family all gathered around for breakfast I decided to splurge in having a cup of eggnog. My taste buds eagerly awaited the cold and velvety texture as I raised the cup and took my first big gulp. Oh my gosh! Wow! My throat began to burn, my head began to spin and every alarm within me was screaming intensely! There was whiskey in my eggnog and truly a disproportional amount. Just to be sure I gathered a couple of witnesses and at first taste their response was, “Wow! That’s really strong!” Readily deciding to abandon the eggnog, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the rest of the day with family and friends. The eggnog scandal was completely put to rest…or so I thought. 3:00 A.M., eyes pop open and that Inner Voice seems to be having a conversation with me about whiskey. “Aged whiskey, He says, should be savored purposely, slowly, allowing and alluring your senses to a somewhat euphoric experience.” “But I don’t drink whiskey, I replied.” He continued, “Some people add water to their whiskey making it more palatable and easier to take. Some add soda water to make the taste sweeter and less harsh or offensive.” Still my sleepy eyed response was, “So what does that have to do with the the price of tea in China?” The Radiant Voice within me spoke sternly and said, “So too the gospel!” It should be offered straight up only, not watered down or dressed up with anything to make it more palatable. A similar response as that of a straight shot of whiskey should be expected when the pure and full gospel message is delivered. The message, although engraved in love, should cut like a two-edged sword not only the first time but every time we hear it. The gospel always produces a Godly sorrow and fear in the depths of our soul that leaves no other option than to turn from all sin, fall on our face and cry out for mercy. Fear and tears and trembling are testifying signs of a true gospel message finding it’s mark. Direct, precise and to the point in these days to come, let us offer and drink only the straight up message of the gospel. And in this our response could only be, to God be the glory! Today we continue to celebrate Christmas. The babe has been born. The Christ has been crucified. The Son of God has risen. Jesus is the door and that door is open to all who would believe. The Way has been made so let’s enter in with joy and singing and thankfulness. And like that perfect note struck on a string stretched tightly in two directions, although cutting, so too the gospel truly is good news! May the Lord bless you richly in Jesus name. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe will have eternal life.


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