Mr. Walker


6 Replies to “Mr. Walker”

  1. I enjoyed reading your story, thank you. I met Mr. Gene in 1972 (I was 7) when my father brought us to Laredo. He allowed us to become part of his family, I grew up hunting and fishing at the ranch. He was an inspiration to so many. He will be truely missed by many. Thanks again for putting this to paper and praise the Lord that Primo shared it so I and others could read it.


  2. Jeff, like you I was an adopted son of Mr. Walker. I have struggled the last few days trying to describe to family and friends what an inspiration and role model he was to me. Words just seemed inadequate. The few good things I may be remembered for in my life could probably be traced back to examples he set. I never heard him curse or say a bad word. I never saw him lose his temper. He was stern but fair. He always made me feel like I was more than I actually was. You have nailed the perfect description. He was a man of God as obviously you are. We need more like you both. God Bless.

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    1. Thanks so much Scott. Exactly! He just found the treasure in us and now we have the opportunity tp find treasure in others. Your name is very familar to me. My email is Mr.jriddle @yahoo. com. God bless you!


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