A Good Friend

This morning I had an informal meeting with a good friend and as most mornings, I was running a little late. I can get easily distracted with this that and every little thing, besides, somehow the clock just seems to turn much faster these days. As I hurried to meet Him, there He was, standing some distance away under the most majestic looking Oak tree. Some people might be a little frustrated at having to wait, but not this friend, He just smiled the biggest smile ever and gave me a huge welcoming hug. Something inside me melted and all I could feel was ahhh! Don’t you love those special people in your life? Every time they meet you they are genuinely happy, ecstatically so, at merely seeing you. I truly love that! So together we began to walk down a well worn trail, through overhanging trees and entered into a lush, green pasture. Quietly, even silently, we just enjoyed each others company. After a while, He spoke up and asked me, “If you could go anywhere, where would you like to go?” I said, “I really like the beach and the ocean. I might like to live there someday.” He said, He liked the waves because they were always moving and always changing. He liked the wind, the way it felt on His face. He liked all the fish and birds and sea creatures everywhere. As we kept on walking, I noticed my soul was at peace. The trail led us to a gently running stream. It’s banks were lined with mountainous Cypress trees. Enormous rocks rose from the midst of the water and stood stately like statues, ever watching, ever guarding. As my eyes turned back to Him, I was a bit surprised when He pulled out His fly casting rod and said, “Let’s fish awhile.” I stood back a distance and marveled at a Master at work. He can totally make that fly dance across the water, almost musical in nature. The fly would tumble forward in a continuous rolling motion before gently touching down precisely on the mark. Oddly enough, he developed that move by watching the waves roll onto the beach. Honestly, I was completely captivated and somewhat awestruck. Time stood still as I gazed upon a man in long shorts, with stringy dark hair, standing in knee deep water having the time of His life! He was filled with so much joy and totally consumed in the moment. I want to be like Him. He wasn’t worried about politics, or the failing economy, or oil prices, or food shortages, or world crisis. Instead His soul was at peace, completely confident, strong yet humble, wise and compassionate, happy and full of life. Being close to Him makes me feel happy and at peace. Later, we sat on a rock where I listened and I could hear His heart on a few things. At one point, I even saw a tear trickle down his face. He told me how he helped His Father build His house and spoke of the exactness of every little detail. I said, “That house sounds wonderful and I would love to see it sometime.” He said, “Come see it anytime you want.” That left me speechless. About that time He brought out lunch, figs of all things, and some kind of juice called Guava berry. It was sweet and tangy and kind of like sparkling water. It was very refreshing. All in all, it was the best of days, spent with my very best friend. He is just so trustworthy and giving and fun to be with. He has forever engraved a picture in my heart of His glistening eyes, His strong hands and His perpetual smile. I am completely overwhelmed by his friendship and by his love. Most assuredly, He is the Prince of Peace.


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