Circle of Life

The bible is full of patterns, types and shadows that exhibit, to us, heavenly realms. A renewed mind, which is the mind of Christ allows us and leads us to see from a heavenly perspective. I am learning that worldly thinking is linear, like a straight line with a starting point extending outward, never returning to its point of origin. Heavenly thinking, however, is circular, one point always reconnecting with it’s own point of origin. For example, God created a dream. He put that dream in a body and breathed life into it and said “go forth, live life to the fullest and prosper. You are my dream !” But sin entered into the world and sin killed the dream. God knew, He sent His Son to die to take away the sin. Then He gave life back to His Son in order to bring the dream back to life. So the dream is alive again but oddly enough, now the dream has to die. So now the dream surrenders to the Son and dies only to live again in the Son. The Son is the way back to the Father so now the dream returns to it’s original origin! What??!!!

Dream is created, dream is given life, dream dies, Son dies, Son lives, dream lives, dream dies, dream lives in the Son…dream returns home to the Father. The Father is glorified!

Thus the circular patterns of heaven and life! That will mess you up.


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